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Soups & salad
• Baked pear salad (slowly baked bartlett pear topped with Cabrales cheese ,served with
Belgian endives, candied walnuts, baby arugula, sherry vinaigrette) GF 15
• Gazpacho, cold Spanish soup with tomato, onion, pepper, cucumber olive oil and vinegar 6
• Scallop and red fruits salad (tempered salad of artichokes and scallops with radish, onion, red
fruits and aniseed red fruit vinaigrette) GF 18
• Ahi tuna tataki salad (ahi tuna in tataki Cajun sauce macerated with avocado, tomato and
green apple) GF18
Cool tapas & charcuteria
• Andy’s plate (tabouli, babaganoush, hummus , pita crisp) 10
• Cheese board with jams (selection of European cheese white traditional jams) GF 18
• Fish and prawn salpicon (fish and shrimp cooked with roasted pepper, onion and egg,
seasoned with our mayonnaise sauce) GF 14
• Mussels in tomato vinaigrette with yogurt cream (tomato pickled mussels with yogurt cream

and crispy bacon) GF 14
• Fresh oysters with citrus gelatin GF “3 ea”
Burguer’s and bocadillos
• Mediterranean burger (beef, candied onion, goat cheese , olives , Spanish crispy ham

and our wine sauce 14

• Bao ahi tuna minced by knife and seasoned by our chef (with avocado, wasabi mayonnaise
and seaweed salad) 11
• Lam sliders “2” (red cabbage, aubergine, celery and rhubarb compote) 14
• Pastrami panini with rucula, dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.14
• Tortos Asturianos al estilo de la abuela with topped with chorizo, Cabrales cheese and
fried egg 14

Hot tapas
• Arancinis (Stuffed rice balls with chorizo & mozzarella ,spicy tomato sauce) 10
• Croquetas caseras (homemade ham croquettes ) 12
• Clams in green sauce (clams in parsley seafood sauce) 16
• Lamb lollipops (serrano mint pesto puree hominy) GF 15
• Pancetta wrapped shrimps GF 13
• Tortilla española de patatas GF 8
Large plates
• Beef cheeks with red wine and creamy red cabbage (cheeks cooked in red wine accompanied

with cream of red cabbage) GF 19

• Chicken oyster a l’orange (roasted orange chicken, boned and served with oysters) 19
• Onion stuffed (Onion stuffed with salmon) 14
• Filet mignon (with foie a la plancha, served with mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms) GF
• Herb-crusted Rack of lamb (with cabrales cheese, pumpkin puree and seasonal vegetables) 32
• Lobster ravioli with saffron sauce (homemade lobster ravioli with saffron sauce) 18
• Mushroom ragout with fresh fish (mushroom stew in fish broth) GF 32
• Tuna with grilled vegetables and avocado cream (tuna seared with roasted seasonal vegetables and hot
avocado cream) GF 20
• Vegetable garden festival, seasonal vegetables in various textures forming a festival of flavor and color GF14
Rice and fideua
• Black rice, 2 large shrimps (rice with squid ink ) GF 18
• Fideua catalana, similar to paella but with noodles and ali-oli sauce (serves 2) 44


• Paella, chicken, mussels, shrimp, scallops, white fish (serves 2) GF 44
• Torrija with vanilla ice cream and macerated strawberries 9
• Chocolate lava cake (with citrus ice cream and raspberry sauce) 9
• Crema de arroz con leche (rice with milk, caramelized or sprinkled with cinnamon) GF 9
• Flute limoncello (refreshing lemon gelato swirled with limoncello) GF 9
• Tiramisu (layers of espresso drenched sponge cake and mascarpone cream dusted with cocoa powder) 9